Why the Automotive Industry Associates the Name PEAK With Excellence

The U.S is home to millions of commercial vehicles ranging from agricultural machines to powerful big rigs. With good care most can run at maximum performance for many years. To get the best results owners rely on professionals like PEAK to provide a variety of products that include high-quality antifreeze, motor oil, and Diesel Exhaust Fluid (DEF). Fans of the company’s products include the owners of farm vehicles, trucking fleets, and race cars. Although there are dozens of manufacturers competing in the automotive maintenance industry, commercial buyers who insist on the best rely on Old World Industries, the parent company behind the popular products.

Customers Benefit From 40 Years of Experience

Clients rely on Old World Industry’s coolants, oils and DEF because they are backed by a 40 years of experience. The enterprise began as a chemical company and branched out into automotive, agricultural, and chemical industries. They now offer over a dozen brands that are sold in 60 countries.

Critical Fluids Power a Range of Vehicles

Clients rely on the business for DEF, a critical fluid that is necessary to keep heavy-duty machinery and trucks in compliance with federal emission guidelines. The company’s name brand is Blue DEF and is well known in the automotive world. In addition to producing and selling DEF, the business also publishes white papers outlining developments that impact the use of DEF, coolant and antifreeze. Customers with high-powered vehicles also rely on the company for a range of motor oils, electronics, and wiper blades.

Automotive Professionals Depend on the Brand

Motorsport professionals not only use the company’s products in their high-performance vehicles, they often partner with them in competitions like NASCAR races. Experts in the recycling field rely on the technologically advanced products to power their machines. The owners of trucking companies use products like Blue Def and other critical fluids to help them lower maintenance costs and keep vehicles running efficiently.

Automotive professionals in industries like racing, trucking, and recycling work closely with and rely on the producers of high-quality vehicle fluids and maintenance products. Clients turn to these well-established experts for a range of products that include DEF, motor oils, and coolants.