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Steps to Follow when Looking for a Home Re modeler

At times a homeowner requires a complete make-over of the kitchen and the bathroom. The make-over includes change or replacement of appliances, tiles, cabinets, etc. It should not be a daunting task to get a reliable construction company to remodel your kitchen or bathroom. We look at the steps to follow when looking for a construction company to remodel your kitchen and bathroom.

Visit homes in the neighborhood. Visiting homes will give an idea of what to include. You can visit some friends or family members especially those who have recently constructed new houses or have remodeled theirs. They can also give referrals of the construction company that did the kitchen or bathroom.

Make a point of attending home expo exhibitions where you will meet several construction companies displaying their works. There are several models and ideas to learn at the expos. Invite a few construction companies that you trust to come and access your old kitchen and/bathroom. There are companies that also conduct home improvements seminars to home owners. The companies provide ideas and styles to home owners so as to improve their homes.

Before you hire the construction company, conduct a search to know more about the company. Look at the re modeler’s website, social media pages or any other platform where you can find information. Search for previous projects that the company has undertaken before. Review the feedback given by previous clients. Ensure the construction company has all the relevant licenses from the relevant authorities. Find out if the technicians employed to do the remodeling works are qualified or not. You do not want a construction company to bring losses to your precious home because they have hired unskilled technicians.

Come up with a list of contractors to invite to your home to assess the works and quote for the job. Inviting a big number of re-modelers to come and quote will not only confuse the home-owner but also become time-consuming. During the assessment, outline all your expectations to the company and provide all details of what you need. A good technician should also advise you on the dos and don’ts.

After examining the quotes received from all contractors invited to quote, pick the one you feel is good for the remodeling job. Do not necessarily look at the least quoted figure, but consider the details of the quotation, such that warranty on materials used during remodeling and appliances. Scrutinize the contract that the company has prepared and judge whether it’s fair and balanced. The contract should not favor the contractor or oppress you the client, in any way. Also ensure all important details are highlighted in the contract; time schedules, terms, and mode of payment, scope of work, etc.

Sign the contract only when you feel all the details are in order, if not, request the company to amend where necessary.

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